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[17 Jan 2006|10:54pm]
I must not read Lucy's autobio. I must not read Lucy's autobio. I must not read Lucy's autobio. Aw. screw it, I'm going to read it anyway and i know it. *air pounds fist* damn Lucy, why must you tempt me with ur awesomeness

In other news. I am a new fan of Jane Russell. Saw some of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and thought it was a riot.
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School and a Upcoming Show [17 Jan 2006|03:05pm]
[ mood | woohoo!!!!!!!! ]

well today was a complete waste of time. seriously. i was almost late for school, which isnt completely a bad idea but i didnt feel like getting written up for being late.(which is ridiculous becasue why should you get written up for being late!) homeroom..HOW I HATE YOU. gr with a passion. then algebra we did work in our textbook..boo. english, we're supposed to be reading Siddhartha and we we're sitting in study hall since my english teacher decided not to be here today to we read and then i finished my algebra homework. then spanish was completely pointless. my teacher is insane but in SPANISH we started to talk about JAPANESE. two different languages! two completely different languages! but then he started talking about Japanese..and he was like "if you're going to Japan you need to understand Japanese fluently." so then i was thinking about Woman of the Year when Gerald says to Sam who was reading the Japanese newspaper, "Do you read Chinese?" and San goes, "Fluently." I kno we were talking about Japanese but i was closer with that then Spanish. Bio with Joanie/Lucy/Ethel. grr. i hate that class she doesnt teach..she just gives us notes and doesnt explain anything. Health i did my bio homework. then lunch which was boring. Theology we finished a crossword puzzle on teh New Testament! woohoo(note sarcasm) History was cool. did a map. i cant wait to get to WWII hopefully we'll talk about like entertainment during that time. Ms. D's coat she had on today was very Carole Lombard meets Ingrid Bergman-eqsue. i loved it. i loved it i was like omg! i want that coat. i love Ms. D. she reminds me of Rosalind Russell i love her..shes hilarious.

Well. The high school Cyo at my church in planning a little show in the spring. and it's called New York Nights: From Brooklyn to Broadway and Back Again. omg..I'm excited. this is going to be amazing. lemme take you through the show..

Beginning: The stage is going to be set up like a lounge in New York and the opening number is going to be: Brian is going to be dress up like Frank Sinatra with a fedora and flipping a coin. The theme to New York is going to be playing . Then me and Kat come on stage and head right over to the bar. Then Brian is going to start singing and then me and Kat are going to turn around and join him. but there's this other idea and me and Krystal are going to be "tap dancing" she can tap but i cant. and then were going to like start pushing each other out of the way. i think that would be hilarious! but anyway the opening act is gonna be good. then were going to do songs from like Guys and Dolls. West Side Story. Disney Movies. The Trolley Song from Meet Me in St. Louis. Les Mis. Good Morning from Singin in the Rain. Kiss Me Kate. Then me and Kat wanna do a Lucy and Ethel skit. lol. we have this kid, Jeff, who can do the best Ricky. no lie. then we also wanna do a Shakespeare Parody of Hamlet. Jokes, Judo, and Duets. this is going to be amazing. Then we themed the tables that we're going to have set up as a Dinner Theatre.

The Guys and Dolls Table. A mini hat stand with a fedora and a string of pearls wrapped around it and a little fake fur think around the stand with a black table cloth.

The Lion King Table. Safari themed with a stuffed lion in the middle.

The Arsenic and Old Lace Table. A little bottle with Adleberry wine, a wine glass, and a little bottle of "arsenic" at the table.

The Phantom of the Opera Table. A maroon/ red table cloth with a phantom mask, a sheet of music, and a black rose.

The Grease Table. Model cars and pink table cloth..we're still in teh works about that one.

The Beauty and the Beast Table. this one needs work. we have a rose and a little teapot.

Then we're gonna put like a 'red carpet" down with tube lights.lol. im so excited.

And at the end we're singing There's No Business Like Show Business. and i might portray Ethel Merman. I told Kat this and i was like "KAT! We should do a Judy Garland Ethel Merman thing." she had no idea was i was talking about..but i loved the idea.

Last night i hung out with Kat and Brian and we were watching To Be or Not To Be. with Mel and Anne. omg i was dying. it was the end and Kat was like.."why is Anne Bancroft's name in parentheses." I was like "omg you have to see the beginning." I told her about the how in teh show her husband gets top billing and she was like.and i dont know if this is the exact quote..

Anna: Listen, I don't mind that my name is below yours, but do have to put it in parentheses.

And i did my best Anne Bancroft impression.i laughed so did Kat and her mom and Brian gave the look of "Who the hell are you and what have you done with my friend."

lol. fun

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[14 Jan 2006|11:38pm]

well..i wanna show you guys a picture of the dress i got for my winter formal at school. i like it better then the one i wore last year. as you can see is the quintesental little black dress. ok i ordered it off of amazon.com and i thought i was a little bigget then i actually am. lol. except if i got the next size down it would fit but the bust would be two small. so mother and grandmama(never again..lol) fought over to get in taken in or getting a new one. well getting it taken in won. mom-mom was freaking out saying "what if the dress isnt finished in time, Jesus, Kaitlyn what are we going to do!" well thank God Lisa, the new lady who works at the trailors.. I like her.. said that the dress would be finished by Friday..a day before the dance..she looks like she knows what shes doing..i hope. but my dress is pretty i love it plain but classic which i love


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[10 Jan 2006|12:29am]
[ mood | aggravated and tired ]

anyway. second entry i have done tonite...well..ok its' 12.30, i don't feeling like going to bed, but i'm tired. okay so do i have a rant today? i dun't think so. i mean i have so many questions about life and why people make it so damn difficult. at school, i have a feeling drama will erupt. i have a hunch, like onr of those strong feelings that something big is going to happen. but drama annoys me sometimes. i mean there's good drama and bad drama. good drama would be like, you know i can explain that one really. i'll have to ask. but bad drama is like the drama you see in school. like some girl's best friend broke up with her boyfriend because he hugged some other girl. i mean girls get worked up other absolutely nothing when it comes to boys and girls. seriously, who cares if someone's talking about you. you don't need to talk about them, ignore it! or walk up to the girl and be like stop talking about me..there is no need for added drama. i mean high school is hard enough without it. the only good thing about this is when it isnt happening to you and you hear about it. i don't know, i think i'm just going to not get involved in somethings and sit in the back of bio class and talk the whole time. I mean my teacher put Me and my two best friends in the back back back of the room. so we do nothing, but we don't get yelled at becasue we're not all loud like the rest of the class. grrr. i hate school. and this isn't on of those "names will be disclosed because i don't to put the names out there." i hate when people do that, becasue i think half the time people don't realize what happend. lol. but this is a general observation of drama in high schools nowadays. anyway i downloaded the Gone With the Wind theme off of LimeWire. omg that may be my most favorite theme song from a movie like ever. i hear it and i'm like ****sigh****. so yes, there you have my distaste for school and everything it stands for.

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[09 Jan 2006|09:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok..well today was interesting. it kinda flashed before my eyes. lol. i mean nothing really cool happend in school today and it sucked. in english, we better be starting Shakespeare soon. seriously. anyway the the highlight of the day was when i went to visit my nana. i brought down one of her show boxes with old pictures and she was telling us where these were taken and who took them. then my father came across a picture with my nana, my aunt mary, and her best friends brothers in front of a church or something. my dad was like "whoa, whoa, whoa. mom! who is this. i don't think i like this picture of you and..(looks at the back)look at this. it says 'this is who ur competing with when you get home(from the war).' my father was fighting in New Guiea and your running around Philly with strange men." At this point, I'm dying and Nana was like "THESE ARE ANNE MCBREEN(her friend)'S BROTHERS!" she laughing and then my father was like, "Kaitlyn, your grandmother's a hussy! i don't think i like you hanging around her!" It was soo funny. i was cracking up. i have to post that pic and the pic of Loretta Young(who i have nicknamed LoYo).

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I'm not a hillbilly..I grew up in Brooklyn [07 Jan 2006|11:36pm]

my favorite part would have to be Roger, as Hitler, going "I'm the German Ethel Merman." and "I need my lucky Gloria Swanson beauty mark." omg i lost it. it was so funny i loved every minute of it. Mel Brooks, Nathan Lane, and Matthew Broderick were soo funny. it was great.
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[06 Jan 2006|11:43pm]
hello dearests...

well, i'm bored. i rented only the lonely tonight and oh my God, it's hilarious. Reenie's character, definiately going to be me in 50 years. lol. not kidding. she is so hilarious in this movie it isn't even funny..example. Rose( Reenie) got a rose from her neighbor, Nick, who is in love with her. Danny, Rose's son, leaves the rose on the table and she goes..

Rose: What's this?

Danny: A rose. From Nick

(she smiles and then looks at Danny)

Rose: Take it back.

Danny: Aw, come on, Ma. Nick's a nice guy

Rose: If I take this he'll think I'm easy.

Danny: I don't wanna hear this.

Reenie kills me everytime. I swear, that's gonna be me in 50 years. I'm gonna be a tough little old (redheaded) Irish woman. I'll be sitting in my chair everynight a) complaining to my husband about something b) yelling at my son/daughter who still lives with me. I'll go to church every day and know everyone. knowing me, i probably think that no one will be god enough for my children. See
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[05 Jan 2006|06:59pm]
Hello all..today was actually pretty cool.

1st..Algebra..It was okay, same as usual.
2nd..English..Test on The Kite Runner. I think i did really well, i knew all the questions and wrote a good essay(i thought)
3rd..Spanish..Me & Amici don't mix. I mean i have a sense of humor, but they're some people you just can't make you laugh ^ is one of them. I mean he can be funny, then it's like uhh..no. Like he cracks a joke then looks at me to see if I'm laughing and i'm not, then he turns away.
4th..Biology..I love Mrs. Small, i do. I love my Ethel/Lucy/Joanie..she was in a Ethel/Joanie mood. She flipped back and forth..when she was with me and the girls i sit with she was Ethel. Then she would yell at Geno and Kaitlyn White and she'd be Joanie. I was fun
5th..Health..I did homework since my teacher wasn't there.
6th..Lunch..I, the bookworm was in the library with Cadence who was doing her report on Charles Dickens(I did mine on Emily Bronte) and the computer would work so we looked at books.
7th..Theology..This was hilarious..Fr. Kelly checked our notebook and we colored! and i was great, Mike, John, and Nick had a contest on whose tree was the best. Mike and pink tree, John had a yellow tree and i dunno what John had. I was standing up getting my copybook checked and i said, "Mike, I like your oink tree." and he was like all proud and was like Yea..i have a pink tree. Father was cracking up..he was like a pink tree?..lol. then he was like your exam is gonna be hard(which it def. won't since it gonna be mostly matching) and i was like..Father, no it isnt..dont even try. Then he looked at me and was like, "Kaitlyn, are you daring me? Are you daring me to make ur exam hard" and i was like no!no!..lol..it was great
8th..History..i love History..its great seriously

Not a bad day..go me..i cant believe tomorrow is Friday
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Rant Time... [03 Jan 2006|11:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

okay..well today was the first day back after what seemed like a long vacation(actually im the only one who thinks that). Anyway, Algebra..boring as always. We're doing matrices and all that fun stuff. English wasn't that bad sat around an ait conditioned room(in JANUARY!) and tried to figure out how the sounds works on the computer to watch the House of Sand and Fog..which is a fabulous movie..seriously i love it. Spanish..I HATE THIS CLASS, seriously we sit around and do nothing(well today we did vocab) while our teacher goes on a rant why our young people today are corrupted and then he thanks us a million times of how good kids with are and how we represent our school well. okay. Bio...well this is how the day started off really really bad. I come in sit down and do our Question of the Day, then me, Hilary, and Caitlin do our vocab. Then our teacher hands back our projects..83 on Lymphoma..can't complain..then we get our test back. I originally got a 94..originally, i shall explain. I get my test back and Cait doe too..and out teacher does the number over a certain number. and i got out my calculator to see what i got. 94 and cait got like an 89. So she goes, "Lemme see your paper." And before i have time to respond to her, my paper is in her hands. She asked me a question about one of the answers and i say,"How the hell should i remember." Then she goes up to our teacher to ask about the question. I looked at Hilary and told her she better not be changing my grade. Sure enough, Cait showed my paper to Ms. Smalls and my grade got bumped down to an 89. i kno..but im not freaking out about the grade. It's just how she did it and what she did made me so angry i thought i was gonna punch her. Health..boring. Lunch, same. Theo..joke. History...it was fun. Ms. Dondici referred to Mary Poppins in her lesson. We were learning about Great Britain and the Victorian Era and stuff and then we started learning about suffergettes(spelling) and i thought..I remember those from Mary Poppins and Ms. D was like don't you remember in Mary Poppins and was like OMG! and she was like and they sing the song Sister Suffergette..and i was like she evern knows the song! This bumped Ms. D as my favorite teacher. After class one day i was talking to her about books and i was like i like autiobiographies about like old Hollywood stars and she was like really? I told her i read Katharine Hepburns autobio and i wanted to buy Reenie's and she was like impressed. She was like Katharine Hepburn, se was such a great actress and a great woman. she was great. Anyway that was my day..it sucked and on top of that..Homework and a book i have a test on..on Thursday and i'm half way through it.

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Two Words... [02 Jan 2006|05:12pm]

and i will marry Brady Quinn
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okay... [01 Jan 2006|07:55pm]
okay well i haven't written in a while. so her i am. well. Happy New Years everyone..bring on 2006. okay well..i dont think i did christmas yet either. God am i fall behind. Well, Christmas Eve i went to 4.30 mass which wasn't too bad. It was packed and me and my brother couldn't stop laughing. There was this elderly couple behind us and right before mass started the husband started singing really loud, well the wife leans over to him and goes, "CAN YOU WAIT!" really loud and me and my brother start busting up. Then her thought it would be fun to hit me with a rubber band during mass. so like during homily, he hit me and i went ow! really loud the people in front kinda turned around look at me. then after that i went over to the mom-mom's which was fun. I got a bottle of CHANEL NUMBER FIVE LOTION. i nearly had a heart attack! i was like OMG!!! CHANEL. My cousin also gave me the second season on GOLDEN GIRLS and $20. Christmas morning was cool. I got a Notre Dame hat and sweatshirt..they play tomorrow at 4..GO IRISH! then i also got a i love lucy calendar and to DVD's Charade and His Girl Friday and THE SECOND SEASON OF I LOVE LUCY! go me! lol. then with the money i got..i bought McLintock..which by the by..its hilarious! and An Affair to Remember*sigh*

New Years Eve was cool. I stayed over my friend Christina's and we ran out of house screaming Happy New Year. We also played Scatteragories and Outburst..it was great. then today i was fifteen minutes late to mass today..lol. whoops..o well.i was there. i also secured the pic of Loretta Young and the Pope. so i will post it soon. promise.


DVD WRAPPER THINGS..the plastic outside of it. WTF. seriously..you will die before you get the DVD open. i always like get to frustrated and at the DVD with car keys..it's insane. I also was flipping channels today and came across a John Wayne movie on AMC..i think it was the Sands of Iwo Jima. i am seriously like in love with him now..he's such a cutie..and still believe that there was something between him and Reenie. i mean seriously! they would have made to most adorable couple too. i mean not that Reenie and Charlie Blair weren't cute..but Duke and Reenie would have been cuter. damn reality.
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[30 Dec 2005|11:51pm]
What are these interviews i've been reading about..they sound interesting
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[27 Dec 2005|09:47pm]
well im watching The Kennedy Center Honors this year hte nominees are

Tony Bennet
Robert Redford
Julie Harris
Tina Turner
Suzanne Farrell

this brought up a question if you had to nomiate someone..i guess they have to be alive..not to sure though..who would you nominate?

For me..
Maureen O'Hara and/or Deborah Kerr
Betty White
Garry Marshall(i mean he's director. producer and he's pretty good so)
Mel Brooks!!! omg he's hilarious..The Producers looks like a riot
and probably a singer/writer or something..all the people that were good are dead so those are my choices..so. who would ur nominations be...
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[27 Dec 2005|06:35pm]

ok so i did this face recognation ..its pretty cool..



pictures of me and the celebrities they said i looked likeCollapse )

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[23 Dec 2005|07:16pm]
ok..i dunno if i have told you this before but here it goes..ok what would you do if u had Pope Pius XII, Loretta Young, and Celeste Holm all in one picture. Well i have one, but it gets better is that my aunt(who was a mother general for the mercy order) is in the picture.Let me describe, Ok so picture the pope and he looks all holy and what not and there is a little girl how made her 1st holy communion. Then my aunt is standing next to him and she's praying. well on her knees, praying, next to her looking at the camera of who ever took the picture(i still dont kno how we got it)is Loretta Young, i didnt kno who she was at first and then i figure out she was a big star. then there are nuns in back of her and all, and then i see all the people behind them. then i see this woman behind my aunt looking at the camera, i asked my grandmother who it was, she was like it was some actress that i cant remember the name of, then i was looking at the picture again and i was like, nan, who is that do u remember, she was like i still cant, well when me and my dad got home, my grandmother called and told me brother that it was Celeste Holm. then i called her back and i was like CELESTE HOLM!!! NANA ARE U SERIOUS!!!!!!. lol. and not only was she behind her, she was like on top of my aunt, seriously, she must have been hold on to her to see the camera..lol..omg it was funny, when i get it ill post it
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[22 Dec 2005|03:53pm]
My wish list of books.

Memoirs of a Giesha
Les Mis
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensability
Audrey Hepburn bio
Coco Chanel bio
Chanel book from the exhibit at MoMa.
Carolina Herrera book
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[21 Dec 2005|09:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok so today was good. and i predicted it to be a bad day. but it was good, my hairstyle turnedout amazing..it was a mixture of audrey in BaT and Charade. i loved it. i walked into school with confidence, in homeroom was like KR how did u get ur hair like that, everyone thought i cut my hair, but i explained it and she was like yes, it looks really good. then i got to first period and the give who sits in front of my examined my head and was like YOUR HAIR LOOKS SOO CUTE..i kinda jumped back and was like thank you. then second period bam.a girl in my class told me my hair looked pimp and then my BEST friend was like yea, ur hair looks weird. i was like what? and she said yea, where you going for a chinese lady look. i was like no..and ouch. but then the girl who said my hair looked pimp was like you were going for an audrey hepburn look weren't u..and i was like YES! thank you! someone. lol..but all an all it was a good day

Older AudreynessCollapse )

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[20 Dec 2005|11:13pm]

Okay, this picture offically owns my life..i have already posted it to my xanga and now.lol..this is picture makes me laugh..lol

+ i have offically turned into an old lady, i wrapped my hair up. i was messing around with my hair and i found this style i liked which is kinda Audrey like and then i knew then and there that's how i wasnted to wear my hair tomorrow to school and i know it would take me like 0 minutes to do, and i really dont feel like hearing mother scream at me to get downstairs, so i wrapped my hair in one of my grandmother;s scarves a friend of her's got in Paris. so yea, call me Edna.

Sex in the City = new favorite show.

and if anyone know's anything about lymphoma, please let me know because i have to do a bio project on it..thanks
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[19 Dec 2005|10:35pm]
Dear Kennedy Kenrick;

I think that this week in school is a complete waste of time. I mean every school gets out earlier then us, but do we, no. Teachers are wasting their time teaching us becasue we arent listening. We shouldnt have to do a five page paper due Friday, when we heard about it last week. And Theology is pointless, we're watching a movie and having a Christmas party on Thursday. WHY ARE WE EVEN COMING INTO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY? WHY? Please answer that question for me. Thank you.


Love Kaitlyn.
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[17 Dec 2005|08:32pm]
ok..Greer Garson = love..

she is amazing..her in pride and prejudice is the best..seriously
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